Protect Your Computer From USB Viruses With USB Disk Manager

USB Disk Manager is a small and portable utility that helps you secure your computer against USB viruses and malware.

If you are a frequent user of USB flash drives, you better know that USB flash drives are a major source of infecting a computer with viruses and malware. The major reason of this is the auto-run feature of the USB drives in Windows. Viruses and malware get installed in a USB drive and then automatically start running if auto-run feature is enabled in Windows.

Although Windows 7 has taken steps to improve the security against USB viruses but still new techniques get created everyday. If you are a network administrator, you must have disabled the USB port in order to save your network from these kinds of threats. But not any more. Now you can use the USB Disk Manager to secure your computer from USB viruses.

USB Disk Manager preferences

USB Disk Manager is a portable application, hence can be a part of usb first aid, which can give you control over how the USB flash drives can be accessed on your computer.

There are three modes of protection available in USB Disk Manager

  1. Write protect – You can enable or disable Write protect feature of the USB drive. If you enable this feature, you will not be able to write anything on the USB drive. Hence the USB flash drive will act as a read-only device.
  2. Execute deny – This is the most common function that you should use because it will not allow any executable file to be run from the USB flash drive directly. You can still run the file by copying it on your computer.
  3. Disable USB – This option completely disable all the USB ports in the computer. This can be useful if you want to prevent access to or from the USB ports immediately.

You can also disable autorun feature of the USB drives which is the main cause of automatically executing viruses. To disable autorun feature, just go to settings and check the checkbox saying “Disable Windows Autorun for USB Disks”.

Please note that all the above features implemented by the USB Disk Manager are in Windows only. These are not permanent settings for the USB drive itself. So if you want to disable a feature on two computers, you have to use this tool on both the computers.

Download USB Disk Manager