Process Explorer 15

Microsoft Sysinternals has recently released a new major version of their popular utility, Process Explorer. Process Explorer is a portable alternative to Windows Task Manager. Process Explorer shows detailed information about the processes running in Windows including the handles and DLLs which are loaded by each process.

process explorer 15

The new Process Explorer comes with a few improvements and new features. The improvements and features include:

GPU utilization

Now you can see the GPU graph in addition to other graphs. Please note that this feature works only in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Memory monitoring

There used to be only CPU monitoring in the system tray in the previous versions of Process Explorer. But now you can also monitor the physical memory of the system from the system tray. To enable memory monitoring, go to Options –> Tray Icons –> Physical memory history

Ability to restart services

Now you can also restart the services in addition to the processes.

Smaller memory footprint

Now Process Explorer takes a lot less memory than before. On my system, it took about 10MB of memory.

Visually cleaner performance graphs

The graphs have also been improved and look a lot cleaner.

The new edition of Process Explorer 15 can be downloaded from below:

Download Process Explorer 15