Process Director For Windows – See Hidden Processes In Windows

Process director is a free tool that can that can show a lot of hidden things in Windows. When we start Windows, not everything is shown in the default Windows Task Manager. There are many processes and activities that do not show up in the Windows task manager.


Process director is a tool for investigating almost any Windows activity. Some of the features of Process Director are:

  • Provides a list of processes and services for which you can view details and even right click for more options such as the ability to suspend or terminate a process
  • Allows monitoring of active ports so you can see which applications are communicating over the network
  • Allows you to locate which processes may have hold of a specified file
  • Displays what dependencies exist in a specified DLL for troubleshooting purposes

Process Director is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. It supports only 32-bit Operating Systems. 64-bit is not yet supported.

Download Process Director for Windows

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