Prayaya V3: Create A Portable Virtual Operating System on A USB Drive

Prayaya is small software that lets you create virtual operating system which does not integrate with your Windows core system files. The virtual operating system has its own installed applications and documents. By installing this Operating System on the USB flash drive you can take all your applications and documents with you on the removable media. You can browse the Internet inside this OS and save data which will not appear in the host Operating System. This virtual Operating System is also independent of the host OS. This means if you have installed Prayaya on the USB flash drive and running Windows XP as the host OS, you can run the same Virtualized Operating System with the host as Windows Vista or Windows 7. The interface of the Prayaya remains the same as of Host OS.

Features of Prayaya

  • Create Virtual  and Portable Operating system
  • Install any Application in isolation from Host OS
  • Browse Internet in an Isolated environment from the Host OS
  • Adapts the same interface as of Host Windows
  • Installs on a USB device

The download size of Prayaya is much smaller as compared to its functions. When you run the setup, it will ask you for which drive to install. Note that Prayaya files are installed in root directory of any drive. Choose a drive that does not have Windows installed in it or you can plug-in a USB drive and install Prayaya on it. The desktop screen will load after the Prayaya splash screen. You will also see Prayaya Information window to install applications.

Prayaya Virtual Operating System

When you open the start menu of Prayaya, you will see no extra application installed other than default Windows applications. You can browse My Computer which will open all your hard drives. You can install any application. Remember that the application will be installed in the Prayaya OS and will not be available on the Host OS.  To switch to the Host OS or exit Prayaya you need to click on the Prayaya toolbar.

A screenshot of the Prayaya Toolbar

Download Prayaya V3

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  1. Hey, I’m only responding to this because of the many reviews i have seen, this is the only one dated in 2012, I’m trying to access their website.. but it seems to be giving me a “is not available” screen. I seem to be getting the same exact screen for the hopedot sit as well.. is there a reason for this? i was able to download the prayaya program to my usb and everything.. but when i try to run it, it also gives me an error. could these two problems be connected?


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