Play Audio Files Directly From Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail now enables us to play audio files received as email attachments. Previously Hotmail had added viewing of pictures and videos from within Hotmail without downloading the attachments. This was a great feature and now Hotmail has added audio to the streaming list.

audio email

When you receive an audio attachment email in your Hotmail mailbox and you open all content for viewing, you will get three options:

  • Play audio
  • Download
  • Download as zip

You can select Play audio option in order to play the audio file without downloading the media file and opening it in your media player.

This update is a part of ActiveViews for Hotmail. ActiveViews will enable “live” content to be a part of email in addition to the static content. For example, if you receive an email from Microsoft ActiveViews partner, you will not only get the static content but also the dynamic content which was updated after the email was sent for example comments etc.