Edit Large Text Files With PilotEdit Lite (4GB+ Files)

PilotEdit Lite screenshot to edit large text files

There is a large no. of free text file editors for Windows and they come in several varieties. Some are geared towards simple text editing while others are meant for more complex tasks like programming language editing etc. Windows also includes two text file editors by default, Notepad and Wordpad. Notepad is meant to be a very simple text editor while Wordpad has formatting options. But both of them can’t handle large text files. If a text file is a few Megabytes in size, neither Notepad nor Wordpad will be able to open the file.

My favorite text file editor is Notepad++ and I also use Notepad2 for some of the programming tasks. But when it comes to creating or editing huge text files, almost all the text editors fail at one point or the other. Notepad++ does a good job of editing files up to 2GB. However, PilotEdit Lite is another free and advanced text editor which can even edit large text files with file sizes ranging from 4GB to an unlimited file size. Some of the features of PilotEdit Lite include the following:

  1. Edit files larger than 4GB.
  2. Download/upload files larger than 4GB through FTP.
  3. Encrypt/decrypt files larger than 4GB.
  4. Compare files larger than 4GB.
  5. Automatically detect and adjust file encoding.
  6. Input, delete, cut, copy and paste in HEX mode.
  7. You may undo/redo even after you switch between text mode and HEX mode.
  8. Multiple line find and replace.
  9. Compare directories.
  10. Word wrap is fast even when you are editing a huge file.
  11. File/replace a string in multiple directories.

I think PilotEdit is an ideal text editor for editing files through FTP especially the log files which tend to be of very large sizes.

PilotEdit Lite works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Operating Systems.

Download PilotEdit Lite

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