Dell Peju–Windows 8 Tablet From Dell

The tablet roadmap of Dell has been leaked. It shows the upcoming Dell products of 2011 through 2012. There are at least four new tablets that Dell will be releasing in 2011 and one new tablet in 2012 Q1.

The most interesting tablet is the last one which is to be released in the first quarter of 2012. It is a Windows 8 tablet called Peju. It is interesting to note that there are news circulating around that Windows 8 release date will be at the end of 2012 or at the start of 2013. The other tablets in the queue of Dell are:

  • Dell Gallo
  • Dell Sterling
  • Dell Opus One
  • Dell Silver Oak

All these tablets will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb but the last one, Peju will run Windows 8 which is yet to be released. This leak was broken by Android Central. Here’s the calendar of all these updates given at Android Central:


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