PasswordG: Generate Secure And Complex Passwords In Windows


PasswordG is a free software to generate unique, complex and highly secure passwords which can’t be easily cracked. There are many online password generator services available for free and also password management software which also offer random password generation.

PasswordG is unique in the sense that you can customize how the password is generated. The following factors can be configured in order to generate passwords using PasswordG:

  1. Length of the password
  2. Number of passwords to generate
  3. Generate readable passwords
  4. Allowed characters (Custom)
  5. Add or remove pre-defined sets of allowed characters
  • Lowercase
  • Lowercase + Numbers
  • Uppercase
  • Uppercase + Numbers
  • Alphabetic
  • Alphanumeric
  • Alphanumeric + Special characters

When you generate the passwords after settings these factors, you will get the new passwords as a list along with bits and quality. The bits and quality determine the strength of the password. The higher the strength, the more secure it will be.

After you are satisfied with the generated passwords, you will be able to save the generated password in a text file from the File menu.

PasswordG check password strength

PasswordG also lets you check password strength of your pre-defined passwords. It will give you suggestions about the password strength and security.

Overall PasswordG is worth trying out. I like the feature of creating readable passwords so that we can remember the passwords if we have to.

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I use KeePass for all my password management needs. You can also check out 5 free portable password managers.