Password Recovery Options In Windows 8 [Ultimate Guide]

Security is the main issue when one install a new Operating System. Since Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been released lately, I have written about how to secure it using an antivirus or Internet Security suite compatible with Windows 8 security center. Another important aspect of security is the use of strong passwords for logging into Windows 8. But what if you forget the password? Is there any way to recover the lost passwords in Windows 8? We take a look at the possibilities of password recovery options in Windows 8.

Setting up the password hint

Add a local user account in Windows 8

First of all, you should create a helpful password hint which will be visible on Windows 8 logon if you enter an incorrect password. The hint should be related to your password so that you may remember your password if you get that hint. Please note that password hints are only available for local account users. If you are using Microsoft account to login to Windows 8, you will need to go to Live Profile in order to change or recover your password. If you want to recover your Microsoft account password, it will be done through your email connected to the Microsoft account.

Enabling the Administrator account

By default, Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with the Administrator account disabled. Microsoft recommends that you should use the computer with a user with Standard privileges. This will help secure your computer as even if the account is hacked, the hacker will not be able to change critical settings and delete important files which are necessary to keep the Operating System running. You can enable the Administrator account or create another backup account with Administrative privileges so that you may be able to login with the Administrator account to reset the forgotten password.

To enable the administrator account, go to quick admin tools –> Run –> compmgmt.msc

This will open Computer Management tools. You can also open the tools by right clicking on Computer –> Manage.

Go to Local users and groups –> Users

Double click the Administrator user and un-check “Account is disabled”.

Add a local user account in Windows 8

Creating a picture password in Windows 8

Since they are visuals, picture passwords are easier to remember. Windows 8 Consumer Preview makes it easy to create a picture password if you are using a touch enabled device. To create a picture password, open the charms bar and go to Search. Search for “users” and select Users from the search results.

Select “Create a picture password” under Sign-in options.

Windows 8 Sign-in Options create a picture password

Creating a PIN to log into Windows 8

Creating a 4 digit PIN code is a convenient and easy way to login to Windows 8 immediately. In addition to the normal password and the picture password, you can enable PIN code login for Windows 8. This can be a good option and will act as a backup method to login if you forget the original password. To create a PIN code, open the charms bar and go to Search. Search for “users” and select Users from the search results.

Select “Create a PIN” under Sign-in options.

Create a pin for logging into Windows 8

Once the PIN is created, you will see a link “Sign-in options” on the Windows 8 logon screen.

Creating a password reset disk in Windows 8

The picture password and PIN code along with the usual password give you three options to log into Windows 8 instead of only one. But if you want to be even more secure, you can create a Windows 8 password reset disk. To create a password reset disk, open the Charms bar and go to Search. Search for “password reset”. Click “Settings” under the search field and select “Create a password reset disk” from the search results. Follow the wizard to create the password reset disk. You will need to have a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive for creating a password reset disk.

Creating a password reset disk in Windows 8

Using Ophcrack for logging into Windows 8

If all of the above methods fail, the good news is that Ophcrack also works with Windows 8. You can boot from Ophcrack CD/DVD and bypass Windows 8 logon and then reset the password once you’re in Windows 8.

Download Ophcrack for Windows 8

Do you know of any other method for password recover in Windows 8? Please let us know through comments.