Watch Restart Process Of Every Operating System

It is always good to see how the Operating Systems have evolved through the history. I’m not talking about only Windows but the Operating Systems contain every type of Operating System including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix etc.

I have found out a website that displays the restart process of many Operating Systems. The Operating Systems include very old ones like The NeXT, OS/2, Windows 3.1, Workbench and also the new versions of Windows like Windows XP or Mac OSX.

Loading the restart page

To see the startup process, head on to the startup page. It will first load the restart page which takes a while. After the page has loaded, you will see a plethora of shutdown dialog boxes of each Operating System.

At first this looks like a static image but if you hover your mouse cursor to any of the dialog box, it will actually be responsive and if you press a button, it will show you the reboot procedure of that particular Operating System.

The restart page

After the restart process, the same dialog box screen will be shown. So you can easily cycle through all the restart pages one at a time. If you have speakers turned on, you will also hear the startup sound of each Operating System. For example, I loved it when I restarted Windows 98 and got the same old startup sound. I hope you enjoy this Operating System  legacy and history.