Opera 11.10 Final Available For Download

Opera 11 has been updated and the new version is Opera 11.10. While Opera has a far less share in browser market but it’s a very good and reliable browser which takes less resources and is pretty stable. This browser is especially useful for users who have slow internet connections as you can control the loading of images and other elements right from the taskbar and you can also turn Opera Turbo on for browsing under a slow internet connection. The update to Opera brings new features and enhancements to the browser.

The new features of Opera 11.10 include the new Speed Dial 2.0 which is a very popular feature of Opera. Now you can stack unlimited number of sites in Speed Dial. All the thumbnails on the Speed Dial are dynamically updated so you can see the live changes to the sites in Speed Dial. Here’s a video explaining the Speed Dials in Opera 11.10:


Enhancements have been made in Opera Turbo which runs with improved compression making it faster to load websites. Installing plugins like Flash Player has always been troublesome because one had to install the plugins manually if they were missing on one computer but now Opera can download and install the plugins automatically which eases the job of the user very easy. Right now only Flash Player is supported for automatic installation but other plugins will be added in the future.

We have talked about CSS3 features in the newly released Internet Explorer 10 Preview. Opera 11.10 also comes with the support for CSS3 linear gradients and multiple columns. For more details about the technical aspects of Opera 11.10, please see the changelog of Opera.

Download Opera 11.10 from Opera website.