Open Windows Task Manager In Microsoft Excel

Windows Task Manager can be operated from Microsoft Excel. This is especially useful when your task manager has been disabled by any virus or you’re working in a restricted environment where you can’t use the task manager because it has been disabled by your administrator.

Taskmanager.xls is a simple workbook which makes use of VBA in Excel to list the running processes. You can also terminate, suspend and resume the processes from within the Excel workbook.

You can download Excel Task Manager from the author’s site. It is in the form of a zip file. Extract Taskmanager.xls from the zip file and open it. By default, Macros are blocked in Office 2007 and Office 2010. You’ll need to respond to the security message at the top of the worksheet and allow running of Macros in order to run the task manager properly.

enable macros

Clicking on the List Processes button will list all the running processes, process IDs and the users under which these processes are running.

list processes

You can use the command column (Column A) to execute commands on the processes. You can use the following commands:

t -> Terminate process

s -> Suspend process

r -> Resume process

suspend process

Download Excel Task Manager

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