Open And Edit Any Post In Windows Live Writer 2012

Windows Live Writer is by far the most popular and the easiest desktop blogging tool. It is used by millions of people. There are a few alternatives but none of the tools compete with WLW ease of use and feature set. I was reading about 4 alternatives to Windows Live Writer on MakeUseOf. They have discussed about WordPress built in editor which is, obviously, web based. Other tools include Zoundry Raven, BlogDesk and ScribeFire. I have tried and tested all these tools but have a feeling that none of these tools compete with Windows Live Writer.

Retrieving posts from  blog using Windows Live Writer

One limitation of Windows Live Writer is that it can only display a certain number of posts from your blog. The maximum limit is 500. So if you have more than 500 posts on your blog, you will only get to edit the latest 500. Since I have several drafts waiting to be written and published, only the drafts will get to that 500 number.

Although Microsoft does not provide any way to edit any post in Windows Live Writer, we will go step by step and will be able to edit any post in Windows Live Writer.

  1. First of all, we will need to download and install WLWDownloader plugin. This will allow us to implement the third step easily. Actually it will create a new protocol “wlw” similar to “http”. We will be able to open any post using this new protocol. One thing to note here is that you should close Windows Live Writer when installing WLWDownloader plugin.
    [download id=”42″]
  2. Now you will need to get the Post ID of the actual post you are about to edit. There are many ways to get the Post ID. If you are logged on to your site, visiting the post in question will give you an admin bar on top of the webpage. You can hover your mouse on the “Edit Post” button and get the Post ID from there.
    Getting Post ID
    There are other ways to get the Post ID but the above method is the easiest and I use it whenever I want to know about the Post ID.
  3. Next step is an important one. Now you will need to open your browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome, and open the following URL:
    You will need to replace with your own site name which should already be registered in Windows Live Writer and the Post ID which you got from step 2.
  4. Open the URL in step 3 will open a launch application dialog which will ask you to open the URL in Windows Live Writer.
    Open USL in Windows Live Writer
    Click on the Allow button to proceed. Please note that the above screenshot is taken while opening the URL in Internet Explorer. If you are opening it in any other browser, process will be similar.
  5. Windows Live Writer will start downloading the post and it will open once the download process is complete.
    Downloading post
  6. Once you have completed editing, you can click on the publish button which will update the same post.

If you do the editing frequently, you can also create a function in your theme which will display a link to edit the post and this link will be displayed on each post and page. I have already automated this by creating a small plugin which does this painlessly. If a reasonable number of people want the plugin, I’ll publish it here. Just tell me in the comments that you’re interested.