Office 15 Will Support Third Party Web Extensions, Agaves

It’s been quite a while we have been covering Windows 8 but Microsoft has been steady at work with other products like its upcoming Office suite, Office 15. The current Office suite is Microsoft Office 2010. Office 15 will support third party web extensions called Agaves. So what exactly is an Agave? It will be a web extension developed by third party developers and it will let the websites interact with the documents directly.

Microsoft is also planning to have Agaves available in the Office marketplace where other developers can also submit their own Agaves. Agaves extensions will probably be supported in Word 15, Excel 15, Outlook 15 and Project 15 Professional. It is surprising that we don’t see PowerPoint in the list. In my opinion PowerPoint should also be able to run Agaves extensions.

Office 15 Agaves web extensions

There will be three types of Agaves:

  1. Task pane Agave
  2. Content Agave
  3. Contextual Agave

The task pane Agave, as its name implies, will be open adjacent to the Office document and will allow users to look up details about the selected items or text.

Content Agaves will allow web pages to be a part of the document. Users will be able to embed a large variety of content like videos, photos etc. that will change according to the source.

Contextual Agaves will work in Outlook and will allow developers to display content about a particular mail or calendar item.

These are revelations from Tom Warren. Let’s see when Microsoft officially announces the availability of the Agaves and gives us more details about it.

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