OEM Activation 3.0 In Windows 8 Will Prevent Slic Activation Hacks

A few days back Microsoft finally released a video tour of their upcoming Operating System, most probably Windows 8. A few improvements in the Operating System were shown. The most obvious feature and a huge improvement in Windows 8 is the tremendous support for touch technology. You can see the video below.

In addition to the visual changes, Microsoft has also included some improvements in Windows security to prevent piracy Windows 8 which will make it harder for hackers and crackers to crack Windows 8. We have already covered Windows 8 anti-hacking technology. While Microsoft started to crack down on pirated Windows from Windows XP when they introduced Windows Genuine Advantage which slowly died in Windows Vista and Windows 7 as more advanced techniques were needed in order to stop piracy.


OEM 2.1 was released in Windows 7 which would help reduce and ideally prevent hackers from cracking Windows 7. OEM 2.1 associates Windows 7 with the firmware of the computer making it impossible for using the same credentials and activation else where. Hackers used the BIOS Slic activation hack in order to crack Windows even before loading and starting the Operating System. Microsoft has taken some measures in their latest Windows 7 Service Pack 1 but still many cracks are working and pirated Windows are still floating around.

Now Microsoft is planning to release OEM 3.0 in Windows 8 which will enable more security against piracy. So what is OEM 3.0? OEM 3.0 will let Windows 8 to be installed on only one PC and the digital product key will be generated on that PC. The digital product key will only be valid for that PC. If you want to reinstall or reactivate Windows 8 again, you’ll need to have the recovery media provided by your OEM manufacturer. This will make Windows 8 very hard to be cracked because even if Windows 8 is cracked, it will not be able to be used more than once.