Npackd – Windows Package Manager

NPackd is a freeware Windows Package Manager plus an application store which can automatically install a lot of common programs generally needed to be installed on fresh Windows installation.

NPackd can also keep the programs installed through it up to date and uninstall the utilities which are not needed anymore essentially automating the process of installation, uninstallation and updating. Currently there are more than 200 commonly used utilities and programs that NPackd can take care of. By default, the new applications are installed in the folder Program Files\\WPM.

windows package manager

Some of the softwares that NPackd includes are Notepad2, AbiWord, Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Shockwave, Firefox, Quicktime, AIM, DiskDefrag and the list goes on. This utility is highly recommended for people who frequently install Windows.

Download NPackd Windows Package Manager