New File Copy Features In Windows 8

Windows 8 has got some great enhancements as compared to Windows 7. The interface has also got an overhaul so that it works well on both tablets and PCs. The file copy feature has also been given an uplift with some great features that were previously present in third party apps like Teracopy.

Windows 8 now supports pausing and resuming of files being copied. That means that if you are copying a large file from the network but want to use the network bandwidth for any other purpose for a short while, you can pause the copying process.

Windows 8 file copy dialog box

Now the File copy dialog box also links to the source and destination folders. You can click on the link and the folder will be opened without disturbing the file copying process.

Windows 8 File copy dialog box also gets a visual uplift and now it shows the history of copying speed, time remaining and items remaining to be copied.

If you start copying another file while one copy is already in progress, it will not open the file copy dialog box again but show both the download processes together within one window. You can pause to speed up the other.

Copying multiple files in Windows 8

When I started copying a file from the network for the first time, it took some time on calculating the time remaining. Otherwise the copying process was smooth and gave me the history of copying process. Another feature that I would love to see integrated in the default Windows 8 file copy feature is the history of files copied. What do you think about this feature in Windows 8?