My Computer Manager – Add Folders In My Computer And Control Panel Easily

My Computer (Computer in Windows 7) and Control Panel are two special system folder which cannot be edited by the users. Even the administrator is unable to create or delete files in these two folders. The only way to add or delete data from My Computer and Control Panel is to do it programatically which is of-course not a very practical option for every user. But since My Computer is the most used folder, you would like to add the most commonly folders to My Computer so that it is easier to access these frequently used folders.

My Computer Manager is a freeware program which can make managing My Computer and Control Panel folders quite easy. My Computer Manager comes in two versions, an installer and a portable version. If you want to use the above mentioned features frequently, I strongly recommend you download the installer version.

My Computer Manager

The installation of My Computer Manager is very simple and constitutes of the next, next tasks without any manual configuration. When the program is started for the first time, it shows a very simple and almost empty interface. Beside the file menu, there are only four big buttons, Add file, Add folder, Edit item and Remove item. All the four options are self explanatory. If you want to add a file to My Computer or Control Panel, press the Add file button. And click on the Add folder button for adding a folder.

My Computer Manager context menu options

But there is another feature of My Computer Manager which makes adding multiple files and folders to both the system folders as simple as right clicking on the file and folder and selecting Add to My Computer or Add to Control Panel. To enable this option, you can go to Tools menu and select the checkboxes:

  • Add to MyComputer
  • Add to ControlPanel

This will add these options to your context menu (right click menu).

My Computer Manager Advance mode

There are two modes of operation of My Computer Manager, simple mode and advance mode. The default is simple mode but you can select the advance mode from the drop down menu in the toolbar. There is no big difference between the two modes but if you select the advance mode, you will be able to customize the name and the icon of the file or folder which you have selected.

Download My Computer Manager

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