Terminate And Kill Multiple Processes Simultaneously In Windows

Multi-process killer is an easy to use program and can be used to kill multiple processes at once. Windows task manager does not give you with this option. In multi-Process Killer you just have to select the process you want to kill from a list of all the programs that are running. You can use its minimize to tray option and the icon will appear in taskbar.

What Makes Multi-Process Killer Different?

Multi-Process killer is a portable program that lets you terminate several running processes at once. This option is found rarely in other system process termination programs but this software offers this exceptional feature for free. The interface is pretty simple and anyone can understand how it works. The program is pretty fast and offers two to three simple options. The program refreshes your program list automatically and allows you to see each program that is running.


  1. Multi-Process killer is a lightweight tool as it comes in only 0.58 MB size. This means that it doesn’t need any specific system requirements to run.
  2. The program does not need any installation. You can directly download it and run it through any external device.
  3. The interface is very simple and user-friendly. The program resembles Windows Task Manager. However, some of its features are better than task manager.
  4. The program gives more information like full path and process identifiers.
  5. The program is easily understandable as anyone can use this program.
  6. The program offers the option to kill many undesired processes without any inconvenience. It’s fast performance is one of those features that make it perfect.

Task Manager does not show all the processes running on your device. Sometimes, it hides processes that mean unnecessary to it, but Multi-process killer shows all the processes that are running on your device. The program has the capability to terminate system as well as users’ processes.

The software’s window is not re-sizable but you can minimize it to tray. The whole program consists of three options along with a help option. It is a must-have utility for your PC if you are an advanced Windows user. The program, due to lightweight, performs your task quickly and does not take much space.

Installation and usage

The program does not need any installation. It is a ready-to-use program. Just download it, open the program and it will start its work. This is the reason Multi-Process killer is better than other similar software. The installer version of this software isn’t available in the market yet but it will be made available soon.

After downloading and opening, the program looks something like this:

Multi-Process Killer list of processes

The window consists of a list of all the processes running on your device along with more information related to the processes. You can see a Minimize to Tray option which lets you minimize the program and use when necessary.

Multi-Process Killer tray icon

The program also has a change refresh rate option through which you can ask the program to refresh process list. It is configurable and you can set time limit for process refreshing. You can see a list of process below and can see a tick-box just before a process.

Tick on the processes you want to terminate and press Kill Select Processes button. Now, the software will kill all the selected processes.

Multi-Process Killer

Download Multi-Process Killer

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