Firefox Offline Installer Download (Stable Version 4)

Mozilla Firefox 4 has been released finally. Firefox offline installer can be downloaded from at the end of the article. Firefox 4 includes a number of improvements including a completely redesigned Graphical User Interface. Now the tabs are pushed on the top of the window as in Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. The new orange Firefox button includes all the menu items so all the menu items can be accessed from one place instead of different menus. Reload/Stop button has been combined and has been moved at the end of the address bar. Home tab has been shifted ahead of the address bar.

Firefox logo - Firefox offline installer

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These were the design changes and there are a lot of other feature improvements and enhancements. A few improvements are as follows:

App Tabs

This is the feature I have always been looking for. Now you can right click any open tab and make it an App Tab. App Tab will always open with Firefox is launched. Now you can keep all your favorite websites including your web email, social sites etc open all the time without those site taking much space on the tab bar. This is a better feature than tab stack in Opera 10.

Switch to Tab

If you have many tabs open and are opening another tab, as you type in the website address, Firefox will check if you have the same site already opened or not. If yes, then it can switch to that website tab for you.


If you use Firefox on multiple computers including your mobile devices, now Firefox can sync all your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords and even open tabs with all the devices on which you’re using Firefox 4.

Download Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer:

Firefox 4 Offline Installer For Windows

Firefox 4 Offline Installer For Linux

Firefox 4 Offline Installer For Mac

The Firefox offline installer locations above are from Mozilla repository so you can be sure that you are downloading the legitimate version of Firefox.

You can also download Portable Firefox 4.

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