Moorea – The New Application In Office 15

The leaks about the new Office suite seemed to have dried down when the leaks of the new Windows Operating System, Windows 8 were just flowing every day. But now the news have again turned to Microsoft Office 15. The development of Microsoft Office 15 is still under way and it is not expected to be released some time in the near future but there are some leaked news about a new application in Office 15, Moorea.

We have had a good experience with Microsoft OneNote which takes care of all our notes in one place. Moorea seems to be a step ahead of OneNote. Let’s go to the screenshots. The first one is the Microsoft Office 15 Start Menu items. I have highlighted Moorea in the screenshot:

Microsoft Office 15 Start Menu - Moorea

You can click on the screenshot to enlarge. You can see that the icon of Microsoft Moorea 15 seems like Microsoft Word. This means that even the icon has not been designed for Moorea confirming that it is still in very early stages of development. The next screenshot is the opening screen of Microsoft Moorea 15:

Microsoft Moorea 15

The tagline of Microsoft Moorea seems to be “everything you need in one place…”. The next screenshot sheds more information about Moorea as it will be an all in one Multimedia enabled document builder. The multimedia content can be easily embedded into the document.

Moorea - Add Content

The last screenshot displays the navigation models available in Moorea.

Moorea - Browse

There aren’t many details leaked about Moorea but it seems to be an all in one application combining Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and multimedia elements, a competitor to Adobe Flash or something else? only time will tell. The screenshots have been taken from