Monitor Network Traffic Of Individual Processes In Windows

Windows includes a tool called Resource Monitor which displays the resource usage by each and every process. The most important thing to monitor when using the Internet is the bandwidth usage by each process. By monitoring the bandwidth usage, we can easily see which process is taking the most network bandwidth and close the app if it’s becoming a resource hog.


Process Traffic Monitor is a free process traffic monitoring tool from ManageEngine which can tell us which process or application is utilizing more resources in terms of network traffic. Since the tool monitors everything in real time, it continuously updates the current status of each application by giving the data in a tabular and graphical form.

It has two tabs. One for the interface traffic which will show you all the traffic passing through your LAN card interface. The second tab is the process traffic tab. The process traffic tab will show details about how much bandwidth each process is consuming along with the CPU and memory usage. You can easily kill a process from the button “End Process” at the top right of Process Traffic Monitor window.

With Process Traffic Monitor, you can also set a threshold limit of bandwidth usage of each process. So if you want utorrent.exe to download at 100Kbps, you can set this limit in the Process Traffic Monitor. If the process starts using more bandwidth than the threshold, it will be shown as red in the Process Traffic tab.

Process Traffic Monitor can be downloaded from ManageEngine. It requires WinPcap to be installed on the system for functioning properly.

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