Monitor Applications For CPU and Memory Usage With Kiwi Application Monitor

Kiwi Application Monitor is a very useful tool for monitoring different applications running in Windows. Kiwi Application Monitor can monitor the CPU usage and memory consumption of each application from the start till the application is exited.

The Computer Information module of Kiwi Application Monitor gives all the hardware information in one glance. It gives technical details about the motherboard, processor, video card, RAM and hard drives.

The graphical user interface of Kiwi Application Monitor is rather simple. It gives you all the options on the top menu. The top menu contains the following options:

  1. Add
  2. Edit
  3. Remove
  4. Statistics
  5. Tools
  6. Settings
  7. Help and About

The first three buttons will let you add the application which you want to monitor. When you click on the Add button, a new window will open giving you certain options and rules which you can set in order for Kiwi Application Monitor to alert you. You can even do different actions automatically if a certain condition is met. For example, if I want my Firefox browser be closed when it uses more memory than 500 MB, I can set it in the monitoring options. You can either browse the application path or if the application is running you can use the Process explorer to select it for monitoring.

Add an application to Kiwi Application Monitor

The fourth button, Statistics, gives you a lot of information about the process being monitored. You can get the following information about each process being monitored:

  1. Process run time
  2. Process average memory consumption
  3. Process peak memory consumption
  4. Process average CPU load
  5. Windows run time
  6. Computer memory load
  7. User activity
  8. Mouse movement
  9. Keyboard keys

The real benefit of Kiwi Application Monitor lies in the Tools menu. You get very important tools like process manager, service manager, startup manager and advanced system information tool. The process manager lets you get information about a running process and even terminate it. There is a plethora of information which Kiwi Application Monitor provides about each process. For example, I got the information of Google Chrome running on my computer and got the following information:

  • Complete system memory details
  • Complete peak memory usage details
  • Total process time and CPU usage details
  • Full path of the executable application

You can set the priority base and priority boost of each process.

Process Explorer process information

You can manage the services list in Windows using Service Explorer tool.

The Startup Manager lets you add, edit or remove the Windows startup entries.

If you want complete and highly detailed information about you computer, you can run the System Info tool under Tools menu.

System info tool

It gives you complete and detailed information about the following:

  • Hardware information
  • Data storage
  • Memory
  • System information
  • Network
  • User and security

If you are a network administrator, I highly recommend that this little app should be a part of your first aid kit.

Download Kwi Application Monitor