ModernMix Runs Modern Apps In Window Mode In Windows 8

Windows 8 Modern apps (metro apps) are colorful and exciting but limited to the full screen mode. This difference distinguishes them from the old desktop applications. Windows 8 users have to switch between desktop and modern apps using the app panel at the left side of the screen.

ModernMix is a free software from Stardock which will let Windows 8 Modern apps run in window mode instead of full screen by default. By using ModernMix, the metro or modern apps will open in their own window which will have the same minimize, resize, and close buttons. The user will be able to close the apps instantly using the close button instead of going to the left side menu, switching to another app and then closing the app.

Where to Get StarDock ModernMix?

ModernMix is still in beta and can be downloaded as a 30 day trial. To get ModernMix, you need to visit the official website of StarDock and request a download link. They will email you the download link instantly. Open that link and download the setup. Rest of the installation procedure is self-explanatory.

StarDock ModernMix

Configure ModernMix

ModernMix will welcome you and present the configuration window. You can customize these settings as needed. However, you will feel quite OK with the default settings. Modern applications can be viewed in three modes : full screen, windowed or maximized. If you want to restore the last state of the app, check the second box saying ‘Always use the last state of the application‘.

StarDock ModernMix Configuration

Experiencing ModernMix Applications

ModernMix runs as a service and will start with Windows by default. You do not need to run the app first to get modern apps in window mode. You can see in the screenshot below that the Reader app has a minimize, restore and close button. Notice the store app is minimized to taskbar just like Firefox browser.

StarDock ModernMix Window Mode

Move your cursor to the top-right, just below the close button, and you will see the options to switch mode. If you are in the window mode, you can switch to full screen mode by clicking on the full screen icon or by pressing F10.

Switch modes in StarDock ModernMix

You can also view the charms bar in the window mode, by selecting the icon which has charms bar option.

Switch modes in StarDock ModernMix

Right click on the title bar and you will see different options. You may like the idea of creating a shortcut to the opened app on the desktop.

You can also pin the modern apps to the taskbar using the created shortcut. This makes it easier to use the modern app.

StarDock ModernMix Create Shortcut

This simple tool will help out many people who are irritated with the full screen apps. It is a simple tool and would not bother you for anything except the license.

Some bad experiences

Hitting the Close button on the modern app window will not really close it. It will make the app invisible. You will still need to close the app from the left side apps bar.

The horizontal scroll-bar is not visible if an app has horizontal scrolling. You will need to scroll vertically till the end to see the scroll-bar. But once you have use the horizontal scroll-bar, it will be visible and work normally.

The best thing about ModernMix is that there are no alternatives available right now. For converting modern apps into window mode, ModernMix is your one stop destination. This is the main reason we have reviewed this nifty software. Otherwise we usually don’t review paid apps. What are your thoughts about ModernMix?

6 thoughts on “ModernMix Runs Modern Apps In Window Mode In Windows 8”

  1. Another bug found! The audio will only run as long as the modern app window is active. ModernMix should give an option to the user whether to mute the audio or keep it running. What do you think?

  2. The Charms bar opens normally for any application when in window mode. This is a good thing especially when you are configuring settings of the modern app (which can be done through the charms bar). You can hit the Windows Key + C shortcut key or move your cursor to the right hand corners of the screen to open the charms bar. The only requirement is that the app window for which you want to open the Charms bar should be active and focused.

  3. It’s buggy and make problems with apps icons, if anyone knows how to fix this bug please post the solution.


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