Microsoft (Windows) Safety Scanner – Free Virus Scanner From Microsoft

Microsoft has released their new on-demand virus scanner, Microsoft Safety Scanner for Windows. It is not a complete antivirus like Microsoft Security Essentials but a temporary solution to virus infected systems. It can scan the computer on demand and clean the system from viruses and malware. The benefit of Microsoft Safety Scanner is that it can work with your existing Antivirus or security suite. No need to uninstall the currently installed security program and then run the safety scanner.

In my opinion, Microsoft Safety Scanner is not a very good choice for IT professionals because they can’t keep a copy of the program with themselves as it expires every 10 days. So if you download it now, it will be expired after 10 days and you’ll need to download a fresh copy of the safety scanner from Microsoft. But it is useful in some cases where viruses and malware have harmed the system. Microsoft Safety Scanner can remove the malware and recover the system to a working condition.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner For Windows

Update: Microsoft Security Essentials has been updated to 4.1. Please download the latest Microsoft Security Essentials offline installer direct download links here.


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