Microsoft To Raise Product Prices By 25% In India

Microsoft will be launching the final versions of many of their products to general public at the end of this month. The products include their latest Operating System Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface.

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Microsoft is planning to hike up the prices of all their products especially in India. The price hike will be between 10 to 25% for each product. The new prices are set to be implemented from November 2012. According to Floris van Heijst, head of marketing and operations, India:

"The rise in prices is linked to the release of several new Microsoft products. India has a highly mature IT market and we are sure it will absorb our new prices. We are in the process of talking to our partners and analysts,".

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be worried about the fact that the users will move towards other competitors. According to Heijst, other competitors had also raised the prices and the Indian market was able to absorb those price hikes without any problems.

Since Microsoft products are sold in India in Indian Rupees instead of USD, only the products that are bought in Indian Rupees will be impacted. If you are an Indian and purchase the product online in USD, you’ll get the standard rates. From November onwards, Microsoft will also remove all the special rates and price discounts for India.

In my opinion, this will either hurt the Indian small business market a lot or otherwise if the Indian community takes a stand, Microsoft will have to reverse their decision of this price hike. What are your thoughts about this price hike? Will you purchase a Microsoft product before this price hike to make sure you’re getting it cheaper? via (Timesofindia)

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  1. Ahh. I wonder if Microsoft starts giving some discounts to the Pakistanis too. It will at least make them more money than they are making right now. Am I right?


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