Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper, A Recovery Tool From Microsoft

We have covered some data recovery tools for Windows in the past. All those tools were 3rd party tools because there is very little we can do with the default recovery tools from Microsoft like Windows backup and recovery tool.

Microsoft has finally gone on to release their own recovery tool which will be able to recover data from a corrupted PC which is not able tool start. The tool is called Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper. The tool can be burned on a CD/DVD or written on a USB flash drive and then you can boot from the CD/DVD or USB drive in order to recover the system. The tool is still in beta but worth a try.

The basic purpose of Standalone System Sweeper is to scan for and remove the malware that has made the system unbootable. Please note that this tool is not a replacement for a regular antivirus program but should only be used for emergency purposes. You can use Microsoft Security Essentials for proper virus and malware protection.

How to use Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper

Using Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper is simple but you need to have an internet connection in order to burn the tool to CD/DVD or a USB flash drive. Let’s talk about how to successfully recover a system using Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper.

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper

In the first step, you’ll need to figure out whether the corrupted system was running a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows. If the system is 32-bit, you’ll need to download and burn 32-bit version of the tool, otherwise 64-bit version of Standalone System Sweeper will be needed.

Download 32-bit Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper

Download 64-bit Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper

Although the initial download size is 576KB, but atleast 250MB space is needed in order to write Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper.

MSSSS - Select media

You’ll need to format the USB drive in order to install Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper tool successfully. The tool will give you a warning to format if the USB drive is not empty.

MSSSS Reformat USB Drive

Clicking on Next will take you to the next screen where the tool will start downloading the required components from the Internet. The whole process will go on like this:

  1. Downloading files
  2. Processing files
  3. Formatting USB drive
  4. Adding files

MSSSS creating bootable USB

It will take a while to download the components which is not good for slow Internet connections. Please note that in order to create a clean bootable media of MSSSS, you should always follow the process of creating the bootable recovery media on a clean system. It should not be created on a corrupted or malfunctioning system. Downloading the components in real time will make sure that the latest and updated components are used during the recovery process.

System Requirements

In order to create Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper, you’ll need to have Windows XP SP3 or later including Windows 7.