Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 10 Preview For Download

Microsoft has released the first platform preview of its upcoming browser, Internet Explorer 10. It is especially surprising because Microsoft had just pushed the final version of Internet Explorer 9 the previous month. The development of IE10 is just the continuation of the work done in developing IE9. We saw a huge improvement from the previous versions of Internet Explorer in IE9 like hardware acceleration, HTML 5, CSS 3, new scripting engine etc. Internet Explorer continues from where IE9 left and is improving on the features of Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer 10 features CSS3 Multi-column layout, CSS3 Grid layout, CSS3 Flexible box layout, CSS3 gradients and ES5 Strict mode. All these features can be tested on IE Test Drive website.

Internet Explorer Corporate Vice President said, “IE10 builds on full hardware acceleration and continues our focus on site-ready Web-standards”. Here’s a wonderful video explaining the features of IE10 and how it’s faster than other browsers:


IE Test Drive website has demos ready for us to show the power of IE10. You can test out the following demos:

Speed Demos

HTML5 Demos

Graphics Demos

More demos are also available at the testing site. You can download Internet Explorer 10 and visit to test the performance of IE10. For further reading, you can also read the IE MSDN blog post about IE10.