Microsoft Outlook Add-in To Save Text Templates For Later Usage

Lightening is a Microsoft Outlook Add-in to save frequently used text and images as templates and then call them back for later use. I like the Gmail because it has got an option of Canned Responses (Google Labs). Lightening feature is very similar to Canned responses of Gmail.


Lightening comes with a host of other features in addition of saving text and images as templates and later insert the template anywhere while composing emails later. Some of the features of this outlook add-in include:

  • One click insertion of text, images and files
  • Product guessing which offers relevant quick text templates according to the currently composed email
  • When you reply to a message Text Lightning automatically starts the message with your preferred salutation using the recipient’s name, e.g. “Hi John”
  • Customize the text templates with fields
  • One-click searching
  • Archive messages to your favorite folder with a single click
  • Copy the email of the sender with a single click

Lightening comes with its own ribbon toolbar in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 so it’s very easy to access this Outlook Add-in.

Download Lightening Outlook Add-in