Microsoft Online Backup Service Available In Windows Server 8

While there has been a lot of buzz on Windows 8 Consumer Preview, very few people are following the developments on Windows Server 8 which is currently in beta. I have already given the direct download links for Windows Server 8. Windows Server 8 has some very interesting features which will make Windows Server 2008 look like an old Operating System. Windows Server 8  final will probably be released at the end of 2012.

One of the greatest features of Windows Server 8 is the online backup feature. There will be no need for third party services like Dropbox or Crash Plan. Windows Server 8 will have its own cloud backup service which will backup all the important data on the server over the cloud storage. Microsoft Online Backup service for Windows Server 8 will make use of Windows Azure technology in order to backup and restore data on the cloud.

Windows Server 8 online backup service

This backup service will have a very similar interface as Windows backup and recovery tool for seamless backup and recovery experience. The cloud backup service is also available through Power-Shell command line interface. Jeffrey Snover on Windows Server blog notes:

A number of people view the cloud in all or nothing terms – you move everything to the cloud or you leave everything where it is.  The reality is that a lot of cloud adoption is going to follow the hybrid approach using both on-premises and cloud services.  An example of this hybrid approach is Windows Server “8” which gets better when you connect it to the cloud.  Today’s blog by Gaurav illustrates that by describing the Microsoft Online Backup Service, a new cloud based service for Windows Server “8”, which backs up your server’s data to the cloud so that it is safe and secure.  That means that you no longer have to figure out where to store your backups so that they are safe.  The cloud does that for you.  This is an extensible model so it provides a great opportunity for partners to provide cloud backup solutions as well.  

Since Windows Server 8 is in beta right now, the cloud backup service is available only to a limited number of customers. If you are using Windows Server 8, you can apply for the cloud backup service here. You can setup the backup and synchronization schedule for the cloud backup service. It is not automatic like Dropbox or other cloud services but it can be scheduled to run every hour to make sure everything is backed up. The data can be backed up in incremental slots which results in consumption of less Internet bandwidth. For a complete tutorial on how to setup this backup service, please head on to Windows Server blog.