Microsoft Makes Search Deal With China’s Baidu Search Engine

Microsoft is trying hard to compete with its arhrival Google at least in the search engine world. Google is the most popular search engine in the world with an exception of China where China’s own developed search engine Baidu is used more frequently than Google. Baidu has a search engine share of about 80% in China. Microsoft has gone one step farther than Google and has made a deal with Baidu.

Microsoft Makes Search Deal With China's Baidu Search Engine 1
Bing trying to challenge Google © by michperu

According to sources, Microsoft will provide the Bing technology to Baidu only for its English language queries. Right now Baidu serves about 10 million English language queries per day. Microsoft isn’t going to benefit much in terms of revenue because according to the deal Baidu will keep all the paid searches and revenue generated by those searches but this can give Bing a great exposure in the Chinese market and its share in the overall search engine market can increase.

Microsoft has previously worked with Alibaba, the B2B search provider from China but that deal came to an end this year. Let’s hope that this deal with Baidu carries on and we see a jump in the Bing market share. The will, hopefully, bring in more competition in the search engines race resulting in more quality to the end user.

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