Microsoft Fix It Center Pro: An Automated Solution To Problems

With the success of Microsoft Fix it solutions, Microsoft has finally launched Microsoft Fix It Center Pro. It is an automated step by step solution to problems. The tool will be able to troubleshoot the problems in your computer by automatically scanning and finding the problems. It is an online solution and does not require any installation except for the fixes, if needed.

According to the welcome pop-up screen on Microsoft Fix It Center Pro, you will be able to do the following tasks using Microsoft Fix It Center Pro:

Microsoft Fix it Center Pro welcome screen

  • Scan you system to identify and resolve specific problem areas by using targeted Analysis.
  • Find the most suitable content, tools, forums and help to address the symptom that you see or the task that you are performing using Guided Search.
  • Track research that you are doing on technical issues as Work Items. If you cannot solve a technical issue on your own, click the Escalate button to turn you work into a Support Request.
  • Track your existing Microsoft online Support Requests or create new ones in Support Requests.

You can visit Microsoft Fix It Center Pro and go through the interface. There is a menu in the left hand column which contain different tasks and items.

  1. Guided Search
  2. Work Items
  3. Support Requests
  4. Analysis
  5. Settings

The settings screen will let you configure the language of Microsoft Fix It Center Pro and the region which will be used to place support requests to Microsoft.

Guided Search is the one stop solution to all the Microsoft products. You can select your appropriate product and all the top solutions will be listed down in front of you.You can use the filter field to filter the topics according to your needs.

The Work Items will let you track all the troubleshooting research which you are doing through Guided Search.

If you don’t have any clue about your problem, you can go to the Analysis which will scan your system for possible errors and upload the results to Microsoft servers. It will search for a possible solution and will let you know if there is a solution available for your problem.

Microsoft Fix It Center Pro is still in beta and requires a lot of work to get mature. But I think Microsoft has done a good job towards making troubleshooting simpler. What do you think about this? Will you use this troubleshooting tool for yourself?