Windows 8 Surface RT Tablets Will Have FREE Edition Of Office Installed

Boy oh boy this would be great news all Microsoft fans out there and particularly businesses who are still amidst finding compatible applications for their mobile devices that can help them retrieve their business artifacts without having to spend new IT inventory costs. Microsoft on its blog confirmed today, that the upcoming Windows 8 RT Surface Tablets will be having a FREE edition of Microsoft Office pre-installed with basic apps such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Windows 8 Office 2013 RT

Dubbing it as the Office Home & Student 2013 RT, this news is particularly good news for everyone because, there has still not been an official tablet version of Office, which is the worlds most used Desktop Productivity and Publishing software. Stuck in the dilemma of using new online tools and apps such as Google Docs, Zoho etc, businesses and users alike are eagerly looking for an official solution from Microsoft that helps them save time as they would not have to learn the new tools and also find a seamless experience of moving forward with their artifacts without having to re-do everything from scratch.

The Windows 8 RT Surface Tablets are expected to be coming to the market by January of 2013. On the other hand Microsoft is playing a little bit of On the other hand, Microsoft is careful of not including Outlook in the FREE version as it targets enterprises to buy subscription licenses to run that on the devices.

In context users of the iPad and Android based devices are currently being shunned by Microsoft as there is no confirmed word on the Office Version for these devices. Maybe Microsoft is looking for users to make the switch?

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