Microsoft Acquires PhoneFactor, A Multi Factor Authentication Company

Microsoft has announced an acquisition of PhoneFactor which provides multi factor authentication to mobile devices in addition to the default password authentication. The multi factor authentication was first introduced by Google in Gmail and then all other big companies followed the steps of Google including Dropbox.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a way to tighten the security around account that are being used and accessed through different services and devices.


PhoneFactor is already working with many Microsoft products mainly Outlook Web Access and SharePoint services. According to Microsoft, they will be integrating many of their products and services with PhoneFactor multi factor authentication after this acquisition. Here’s Microsoft’s statement:

PhoneFactor’s solutions can be implemented to help Microsoft customers protect data in SharePoint, on their file servers and with their critical business apps running on-premises. In addition, they can be used to enhance the security of applications running in the cloud.

Microsoft does plans to sell PhoneFactor’s solutions separately as well as part of its products and services. You can visit for further details about what kind of services and packages they are offering.

Hopefully, Microsoft will be extending the multi factor authentication to its free products and accounts like Hotmail, and Microsoft account. It is only a matter of time when more authentication methods are added for users security. If you are more concerned about your Microsoft account, you may read our 5 steps to securing your Microsoft account.

Source: PhoneFactor