Microsoft Academic Search And Alternatives

Microsoft Academic Search is an educational  Search Engine for academic papers and resources. Microsoft Academic Search provides innovative ways to explore scientific papers, conferences, journals and authors connecting millions of scholars, students, librarians and other users.

Microsoft Academic Search has a Bing like interface and seems to be mainly targeted towards Computer Science research. One can search by Author, Conference, Journal or by Year in advanced search.

The search results can be understood by the following picture example given Microsoft Academic Search help center:

microsoft academic search

A: Year Filter – To further filter the results by specifying year conditions.

B: Results – Search results are listed here. Each item contains the following information:

  • Paper title – Link to the paper detail page that shows its author information, abstract, reference list, citation list, etc.
  • Download – Link to download the paper.
  • Citations – The number of the publications that have cited this paper, and link to the full list of these publications.
  • Author name(s) – Link to the author detail page that shows his/her homepage, affiliation, address, publication list, etc.
  • Paper abstract
  • Published date
  • Paper source – Link to the conference/journal page that shows its publication count, citation count, publication year range, publication list, etc.

C: Sidebar – By switching among the categories, like author, conference and journal, you can quickly get the results you want.

You can get the complete feature list of Microsoft Academic Search on the help page.

There are a few alternatives to Microsoft Academic Search which I’m quoting here. If you know of any other alternatives, please let me know through comments.

  • Citation Index
  • Digital Bibliography and Library Project
  • Google Scholar
  • Scirus

Here’s another huge list of Academic Research resources pertaining to a vast number of subjects from Wikipedia.

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