Maxthon 3.3, The Best HTML5 Browser

Not many people use or even know about Maxthon. Maxthon is a desktop web browser which is based on Internet Explorer. No one would have thought that Maxthon would top the list of web browsers in the recent HTML5 tests but it has done this.

The latest achievement of Maxthon of being the best HTML5 browser is a tremendous step and proves the continuous efforts of the developers of Maxthon browser. It has certainly a better interface than Internet Explorer and now it will have better performance than any other browser if you are browsing HTML5 based websites.

Maxthon has achieved this milestone by scoring 425 points out of 500 in the test. The second best performing browser is Google Chrome which scored 400 points. The following browsers were tested for HTML5 compatibility and performance:

  1. Maxthon 3.3
  2. Chrome 18
  3. Firefox 11
  4. Opera 11.6
  5. Safari 5.1
  6. Internet Explorer 9

Here is the complete result sheet from HTML5 tests.

html5 benchmark tests

According to the tests, Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10 were the worst performing browsers. What a shame for Microsoft?

Download Maxthon 3.3 for better HTML5 performance and support. You can also download Maxthon 3.3 portable.