Manage Firefox Screen Modes With Full Screen Plus

The best feature of Firefox is its extensibility. Although the bare bones browser comes with little features but it can be extended to any limit and any direction of your choice. This can be done by using different plugins and add-ons. Full Screen Plus is a great nifty Firefox add-on which extends the windowing functionality of Firefox. It extends the standard minimize, restore and close buttons to a much expanded functionality.

The best thing about Full Screen Plus is that no restart is required to install this Firefox add-on. Just install it and it will immediately be seen on the navigation toolbar. After installing, you will see eight tiny buttons on the top right corner of Firefox window. These buttons represent screen modes of Firefox.

Screen modes plus

There are six screen modes that can be selected using the toolbar buttons or the hotkeys. Let’s discuss all the modes here:

Minimize – This will simply minimize the current Firefox window.

Restored <–> Maximized – This option will let you restore the current Firefox window. If it is already restored, it will automatically be maximized. You can also use F9 hotkey for this function.

Maximized <–> Restored – This is the opposite of the above option. This option is used to maximize the Firefox window. If it is already maximized, it will be restored. You can use F10 hotkey for this function.

Screen modes plus buttons and layouts

Full Screen with Navigation and tabs – This option will enable you to use Firefox in full screen mode although navigation toolbar and tabs will be visible in full screen view. You can use F11 shortcut key for this function.

Full Screen – This is the true full screen mode. There will be no toolbars or navigation bars available in this mode. You will only see the opened webpage. If you want to access the navigation bar, just take your mouse cursor to the top of the screen. You can use F12 function key to enable this mode.

The last two buttons are for shifting the Firefox windows to next or previous monitors. These options are useful only when you are using multiple monitors.

Download and install Full Screen Plus

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