Magix Photo Designer 7: A Powerful Image Editor And Photoshop Alternative

Magix Photo Designer 7

Magix Photo Designer is photo-editing software that can be used by home users to edit their photos easily. Magix Photo Designer is a freeware and can be taken as an alternative to the costly software dominating the photography and designing marketing. Magix Photo Designer claims to provide easy and effective ways to make desired changes in your pictures. Let’s start examining how true they are in their claim.

When you install Magix Photo Designer 7, you have to go through a very simple installation interface. But we suggest you go with Custom installation because the installer will try to install additional software along with Magix Photo Designer.

Magix Photo Designer 7 setup

Although Magix Photo Designer is completely free, you will need to register the product in order to use it after 7 days. A popup will appear when Magix Photo Designer 7 is started. You can click on the registration link. The activation key will be sent to you via email.

Register Magix Photo Designer 7 for free


You can perform a variety of tasks with your image including the quick image optimizations, application of effects and filters and changing the image format. You can also go for detailed image editing where you will be able to create panorama pictures, isolate people/objects, remove scratches and stains, brighten areas or even remove the objects that disrupt your photo.

1- Isolate Objects:

Let us try to isolate this airplane from the image. Select the task manager and then isolate people/objects to perform the editing. We are using the magnetic lasso tool so it can automatically adjust to the contours. Isolate object in Magix Photo Designer

Well, we did not find the result impressive as you can see that it does not isolate the plane neatly. Magix Photo Designer will be able to isolate an object better when a vector image is used. Otherwise you’ll need to edit the isolated object according to your needs.

2- Create Panorama Pictures:

Creating panorama pictures is a fun thing that is quite easy with the Magix Photo Designer. If you want to take the family photo and your family members are too many to adjust in one shot. You can take two photos and then combine them! We are using this tulip image to test panorama option. We took three similar images and then combined them into one. You can see the results are good enough. However, a little editing is required to disguise the overlapping effect. Create Panorama images

To create a panorama image, go to Tasks menu –> Detailed image editing –> Create panorama pictures. Add the pictures of your choice and create the final panorama image.

3- Remove Scratches and Stains:

Now it’s time to check another option which can be very helpful in transforming your ordinary pictures into a professional ones. Okay, so we will try this on the same penguin image. We want to remove these pebbles at the bottom. Selecting the appropriate brush radius and the threshold, draw along the stains you want to remove. Remove scratches from the image

How did you find the results? Aren’t they satisfying enough?

4- Optimize Image Color:

Image color can be easily changed using either the auto-color option or changing it manually. Selecting the correct color and effect can breathe a new life into your pictures.

Optimizing image color

5- Brighten Areas:

We tried to brighten some area in the above image. However, this is more or less the same as the traditional color dodge tool. Brightening areas of the picture

6- Rotation Effect:

Rotation effect can be applied to any of your photos to puzzle anyone who will see the image. You can select the intensity of this effect. You can see it for how a good lucking image is turned into a baffling one. Applying rotation effect to the picture

7- Artistic Distortion:

Use the artistic distortion feature to add more visualization into your photos. Do not forget to use these effects on your friend’s photos, upload on the social networks and share the fun! Artistic distortion

Can you notice the artistic distortion we have applied?

8- Clone:

Finally, we have come to the most exciting feature. It appears to be little difficult but let’s try to follow the instructions. Note: There is no auto-cloning option.

Cloning objects in the picture
Cloning objects in the picture results
So, our experience with cloning was relatively easy. However, you need a good hand at cloning if you want a professional result.


The Magix Photo Designer 7 is really easy to use as every option is provided with an understandable description.It supported a variety of graphics formats including the most common bitmap, JPEG, PNG, PSD, GIF and many others. We have tested many options and the results are in front of you. A regular practice of Magix Photo Designer will guarantee good editing results as you will be skilled at it. But, the program failed to response twice during this review session.


If the direct download link doesn’t work, just download Magix Photo Designer 7 from Just make sure that you select “Direct download link” under the Download Now button to download Magix Photo Designer directly.

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