Security Alert: Active Links In Messenger 2009 Temporarily Turned Off To Prevent A Malicious Worm

A new worm has been discovered which propagates by inserting a link to a malicious website into the instant messages in many instant messengers and social networks including Messenger 2009. The malicious website in turn downloads the worm into the system infecting it and propagates into other contacts.

Messenger 2009 can pickup a web address and turn it into a hyperlink so that people can click on it for easily opening the shared web address. The malicious worm changes the link and inserts the link of the malicious website which if clicked will install the worm on the computer.

Microsoft has disabled the links in Messenger 2009 temporarily and they are working actively to neutralize the threat. Disabling the links doesn’t mean that you can not send any link to your friends but if a link is received, you must copy the link text and paste it in your browser in order to open the webpage. You may get the following warning message:

“You can still chat. but some features might not be available because of a connection problem.”

If you’re using Messenger 2009, just ignore this message and keep using your messenger but it’s always advisable to upgrade your messenger to the latest Windows Live Messenger 2001.