Let Me Google That For You

As a techie, I have to show many people how to search and find their required stuff from Google. Astonishingly many people will ask questions without realizing that they can get instant answers from Google itself. But they look for real people who can guide them to their required solutions without the hassles of searching and finding the solutions themselves.

Let Me Google That For You (lmgtfy.com) is a sweet service which will let you teach people how to search in Google. Let’s take an example without going into more details.

let me google that for you

Suppose I want a person to find my site on Google. I would do the following:

Go to lmgtfy.com

In the search bar type technize and press the Google Search button

Instead of going to Google search, you will get a new URL which you can copy, shorten or preview. This is a link to the animation which shows me typing my search query in Google and at the end it will open the actual results page.

This is really useful stuff when you don’t want to give the actual solution and only a hint instead. I think this service is best for techies who have to do troubleshooting stuff majority of their time. Here’s the video demo of how Let Me Google That For You works.


The only drawback of this service, in my opinion, is that it shows interstitial ads during browsing.

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