Kingsoft Office Suite 2012, A Free Alternative To Microsoft Office

Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 has finally turned into a freeware. Kingsoft Office Suite is an alternative to Microsoft Office. This free office suite offers a number of features very similar to Microsoft Office. Kingsoft Office Suite is especially useful for those who don’t like the office ribbon because it comes with the old Office 2003 interface.

kingsoft office suite 2012

Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 Free includes all the essential office programs including Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Spreadsheet and Kingsoft Presentation. Here are some of the main features of the free office suite:

  • This suite is completely compatible Microsoft Office. So you can easily open, edit and save documents in Microsoft Office format including the new Office 2007 and 2010 formats (docx, xlsx, pptx)
  • It includes an automatic spell checker to make your job of proof reading easier.
  • It opens multiple documents in tabs instead of windows to avoid cluttering.
  • It is very small in size as compared to Microsoft. Its installer is less than 70MB making it very easy to download and install.
  • It includes built in tools to encrypt and password protect the documents.
  • Built-in email function makes it easy to send and receive documents and edit the attachments received in the email.

The free office suite can be downloaded from the author’s website.