4 Tools To Keep Your Children Safe On Facebook

With the rise of Internet, the Internet usage is becoming diverse in terms of gender and age. Now people are using Internet for social networking. It includes young and old, male and female alike. The most popular social networking platform available to us is Facebook.

With popularity comes vulnerability. We need to keep our children safe while they are using the computer. Using Facebook is not bad but it can very well lead to undesirable results if the kids are not monitored properly. Here are some of the tools that will help you keep your children safe on Facebook.

Avira Social Shield:

Social Shield Facebook connect

Avira Social Shield makes your life easier and helps you protect your child from the ills of social networking websites. It watches the activity on all major networks and prepares an easy understandable report. It has an ‘Alerts Engine’ that keeps an eye on the discussions your child do that may have inappropriate language or any harmful ideas such as violence, alcohol and suicide.

What about Strangers and the new friend requests that surround your child? You don’t have to worry while using Social Shield. The Friends Engine is intelligent enough to recognize that any adult has become your child’s friend or when someone appears fake or suspicious. All the friends will be displayed as a photo gallery with some basic information.

The Photo Engine builds a gallery that shows you all the photos and highlights new photos posted by your child. And how can you ignore the Activities Engine where all the activities are recorded. Give it a try, connect your child’s Facebook account and make cyber-world safe for your child.
Social Shield

Minor Monitor:

Minor Monitor getting started two steps

Minor monitor is another protective tool for your child. Minor monitor signals you whenever any undesirable content is posted by your family or friends that violates social values or harm your family safety. It is more or less the same like the Social Shield.

You can get started with Minor Monitor in two easy steps. Fill in your details and log in using your child’s account. This free tool is specially designed to monitor Facebook activities like wall posts, status updates, messages, uploaded photos, friend networks and anything related to Facebook.

Minor Monitor


MyPageKeeper Facebook app 
MyPageKeeper is a service which provides a Facebook app for securing your Facebook account. It is aimed at protecting your online reputation and prevent your Facebook account from hackers, crackers and malicious content posted on your wall.

MyPageKeeper gives you the authority to manage what is posted on your wall and newsfeed. MyPageKeeper uses advanced techniques to scan and identify your wall posts and newsfeed and sorts out whether a piece of content is malicious, related to phishing or not.

Getting started with MyPageKeeper is quite easy. Just go to MyPageKeeper Facebook app and click on Add MyPageKeeper. It will automatically start monitoring your Facebook account.


Safety Web

Safety web is another tool that can help you monitor your child’s activity. Just like social shield and minor monitor it also tracks content posted by your child and identify his/her concerns. A convenient online dashboard is designed so that  you can see all online activity at one place. However, Safety Web is a paid service.

Safety Web

Some Basic Precautions:

Since we, human beings, develop all these tools and the algorithms, no automated way can guarantee 100% protection of your social media account. Rather, it is only you who can be the best protection for your child. Follow these basic steps:

  1. Add your children as a friend to your account.
  2. Keep an eye on their posted content (well, the above mentioned tools will help you to do so).
  3. Check the profile and background/reputation of your children’s friends.
  4. Inform him/her about the social networking abuses.
  5. Guide him/her how can he/she protect himself/herself from being a victim of cyber-bullying.

7 thoughts on “4 Tools To Keep Your Children Safe On Facebook”

  1. Parents can set reasonable guidelines with their teens to keep them safe online, says Caroline Knorr, parenting editor of Common Sense Media. “Our position is that parents shouldn’t fear social media,” she says. “Kids are embracing these technologies. As a parent, it’s part of your responsibility to engage with them.”

  2. Great piece of advice and tools. In my opinion, the most harmful thing to a child is embarrassing the kid. Be very careful that your kid is not embarrassed by your words and actions. Otherwise, everything could go wrong .. fairly opposite to what we expect.


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