Java 8: Made For The Cloud?

Java 7 SE has been released a few days back and we have written about the features of Java 7 SE. Now the Java community is gearing up for the next release of Java, Java 8 SE. While Java 8 SE is scheduled to be released at end of 2012, JCP (Java Community Process) have some features as a wishlist for the new version of Java.

The biggest feature that is talked about is the Cloud. Java 8 will include the support for the Cloud making its area of expertise wiser. The JVM for Java 8 is planned to run more than one application. This feature is called multitenancy. A modular approach will be taken in the next version which is different from the current approach which requires loading multiple classes in order to load multiple JARs. According to the Java language architect Brian Goetz,

There’s some really good stuff coming in Java 8, which isn’t as far away as it sounds. I am currently working on Project Lambda, which is providing closures and related language features for the Java language, as well as upgrades to the core Java libraries to more easily express parallel calculations on collections. The other big feature coming out of Lambda is virtual extension methods, which address the long-standing problem that once an interface is defined, you cannot add new methods to it without breaking existing implementations.

Let’s hope that Java 8 will be a truly Cloud compatible software with the addition of all the features that were missed from Java 7.

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