ISO Workshop: Free CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Backup Tool

ISO Workshop is a little software that helps in easy creation and burning of CD/DVD/Blu-Ray images. You can easily create a copy of CD/DVD/Blu-Ray by creating the ISO images.  The images preserve the contents of the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray.  The ISO format is largely used for creating disk images and many software are available for creating ISO images but mostly are paid. But ISO workshop is free. With ISO workshop you can duplicate the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray  by burning copied ISO images to blank CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs. There would be no structural file difference between the duplicate and original CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs.You can copy  files from an image and you can convert the images from different formats to the ISO format.


  • Extract file or files from different image files e.g. iso, bin, cdi, nrg, mdf, img, gi, pd, dmg, b5i and b6i
  • Make CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Backups by creating ISO and BIN images
  • Convert different image files to ISO or BIN image
  • Burn different image files to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray

Installation & Usage

Download the small application, you may be asked to install Ask Toolbar, you can choose to do not install that. After installation run the ISO workshop. The interface is very user friendly showing four different icons for e.g. Extract, Backup, Convert and Burn.

ISO Workshop

Extract Files from Image

If you want to extract files from any image just click on the icon, you need to load the source image file Click Load button and you will be asked to locate the image file, after you browse any image click Open

  • You will see the lists of files and folder, Drag your left mouse button to select files or folders.
  • Right on the selected area and click Extract, you need to locate the destination folder.
  • After selecting a folder click Select Folder, Depending on the amount of files to be copied it may take some time

Backup CD/DVD/Blu-Ray

  • Click on the Backup icon
  • Select the Source drive, which should be the drive you want to copy
  • Click on Browse and specify the name of new file and click save.
  • Click on Backup and it will take a few minutes to backup the file

Convert Image files

Click on the Convert icon and select the Source image file and specify destination file name and click Convert

Burn CD/DVD/Blu-Ray

  • Click on the Burn Icon,
  • Click on Load and select the file to be burned.
  • Select the Destination drive, if you have more than one CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Writer
  • Click on the Burn button and wait while the process completes

The software is compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (32+64 editions)

Download ISO Workshop