Internet Explorer Still The King In Browser Wars

Internet Explorer on top of browser market share

While browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have been following the rapid development model by releasing a new version of their browsers after ever 6 to 8 weeks. Opera has also been doing good and updating themselves with new features and bug fixes. The market share stats of this month have been amazing because Internet Explorer has not updated itself to a newer version for a while but still it has managed to steal some market share from the rest.

In the latest stats, Internet Explorer leads the browser wars with more than 54% of the market share which others lag too far behind. Please note that Internet Explorer was losing market share continuously for the last few months but now it has stepped up the accelerator and hence the increase in market share.

As far as other browsers are concerned, Firefox is the second most used browser with 20.2% share which is lower than the April values of 20.55%. So Firefox is constantly losing its share amid Firefox alternatives based on Firefox appearing on the surface.

Google Chrome is constantly gaining popularity, thanks to its sleek and fast design and a huge promotion by Google. Chrome’s market share has upped from 18.57% to 18.85%. Please note that the market share of Chrome was only 13.86% in June 2011.

Safari and Opera seem to be floating up and down with almost the same stats every month. Safari went down from 5.07% to 4.81% while Opera improved their market share from 1.62% to 1.63%.

What do you think of these browser stats? Which one is your favorite browser and why?