Internet Explorer 6 Usage

Internet Explorer 6 was released about 10 years back with Windows XP. It was far better than IE5 during those days but with the passage of time, the browser market has evolved a lot and IE6 has become an old technology. But a study at Net Applications reveals interesting facts about the usage of Internet Explorer 6.

Internet Explorer 6 is still being used by about 12% of the internet users which is 9% less than the previous year. China tops the list of highest percentage of IE6 users i.e, 34% of the internet users from China use IE6. Approximately 25% of the South Korean internet users use Internet Explorer 6 which is astonishing for me as the internet speed in South Korea is quite high and users there tend to use the latest technologies. Here’s the list of countries usage of IE6 around the world with their percentage share.

ie6 usage around the world

The guys at IE6 Countdown are running a campaign for bringing the IE6 usage down under 1% to make the life of web developers easier by dropping the support for Internet Explorer 6. Everyone is encouraged to spread the word and encourage others to stop using IE6 and go for more advanced browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 9.