Internet Explorer 10 Security Enhancements Including Memory Protection

Last time I wrote that Internet Explorer 9 was the safest browser among all the major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Although Internet Explorer 9 lacked the extensibility of Firefox and the speed of Google Chrome, it did perform to be the most secure browser of them all in NSSLabs tests.

Internet Explorer 10 will include even more security. Microsoft is working on more security and feature improvements in IE10. Internet Explorer 10 is still in early preview mode. Let’s go through some of the areas which will be protected by Internet Explorer 10:

Enhanced protected mode in Internet Explorer 10

Protection from socially-engineered attacks

SmartScreen filter is the Microsoft’s secret weapon against malware attacking through Internet Explorer. Now this protection will come right from the Windows 8 Operating System as it has been integrated into it. So now you can stay safe while you are using Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10.

Protection from attacks designed to exploit vulnerabilities in Web sites

Internet Explorer 10 supports HTML5 sandbox feature which will help websites secure themselves with declarative security features and XSS filter which automatically protects the user from certain types of known attacks.

Protection against attacks designed to exploit the browser or operating system

The memory protection was introduced in Internet Explorer 9 and it has been enhanced in Internet Explorer 10. This will make it harder to the attackers to exploit vulnerabilities in the web browser.

Enhanced Protected Mode

Enhanced protected mode will prevent attackers from executing the files that have been already downloaded. Like IE9, IE10 also prevents the modification of settings without confirmation. This will make the browser ultimately safer and more secure.

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