Is Internet Explorer Dead Or Alive? Internet Explorer 10 Preview Still Preview!

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

Microsoft recently announced in a blog post that they will release a preview version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7. Windows 8 already comes with Internet Explorer 10 Preview. While 2012 can be dubbed the news year of Microsoft for releasing so many products, Internet Explorer remains an exception.

While other popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox release a new version of their browsers after every few weeks, Internet Explorer remains stagnant on a Preview build since 2011. It is not clear that Microsoft is even serious about their web browser.

While the Windows 8 general availability release date is nearing (on 26th of October 2012), Microsoft should have announced a final version of Internet Explorer 10 to be included in Windows 8 and it should have been available for previous Operating Systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP which are still being used by millions of people.

When I analyze the stats of, the Internet Explorer users used to dominate the browser share of And then it was Firefox which took off and over crossed Internet Explorer. Now the most popular browser is Google Chrome. About 33% of visitors use Google Chrome.

Firefox sits at second at 30% user share while Internet Explorer is still drowning at 28%. I wonder how many users would have used Internet Explorer if it didn’t come with Windows?

While Internet Explorer is the most secure browser, it needs to adapt to the latest browsing trends of rapid release cycles to incorporate the new features and enhancements.

By the way, Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer 10 Preview version will be available for Windows 7. We will update about the download links for Windows 7 when they are available.