Install Dell OEM PowerDVD on non OEM Computer

Today a client called me and asked about a strange problem. She had bought a new Dell laptop some time ago. The Operating System got corrupted and she installed Windows 7 again. She had downloaded Windows 7 and then burnt it on a DVD for installation because the laptop came with no recovery disc. The problem was with Cyberlink PowerDVD. She had got the Cyberlink PowerDVD disc with the laptop and she said that she had already installed it previously confirming that there was no problem with the media. I asked her to take the laptop to the office so that I could see what the problem was. The following error was shown when she tried to run the setup file:

“This software can only be installed on a DELL,Unbranded system”

Cyberlink PowerDVD error on branded dell system

Upon further investigation I came to know that the OEM version of Cyberlink PowerDVD can only be installed on their specific system with which they came. For example, if the software came with a Dell system, it will only be installed on a branded Dell system otherwise it will give the same error as above. Similarly if it came with a Compaq system, it would only be able to be installed on a branded Compaq system.

The problem occurs when you download Windows 7 from the Internet and install it. Since you have the correct Windows product key, you will easily activate Windows. But that Windows installation will not be branded as Dell supplied.

Upon further investigation, I came to know that there is a custom.ini file inside the Cyberlink PowerDVD folder which has the instructions to look for a specific brand. Follow the instructions below in order to get rid of this error message:

Copy Cyberlink PowerDVD folder to the hard drive

Edit custom.ini file and look for the following:


Replace these lines with:


After saving the changed custom.ini file, Cyberlink PowerDVD setup successfully continued without any errors. After the installation, PowerDVD did not pose any problems and is running like charms.