Install Classic And Modern Start Menu Simultaneously In Windows 7

Microsoft introduced a revamped version of Windows Start Menu in Windows XP which was further improved in Windows Vista and Windows 7. But lets embrace the fact that many people are still used to the good old classic start menu. There are a few tricks and even software which will transform the current modern start menu into classic one but what if we want both of them?

Taskbar Classic Start Menu is a software that takes a different approach to the traditional softwares by installing the classic start menu in addition to the modern start menu. Both the menus are available at the same time.

Taskbar Classic Start Menu

It will not touch the modern start menu and will install the classic start menu in the system tray. No configuration is required for Taskbar Classic Start Menu. You only have to install and use the software.

Taskbar Classic Start Menu can be installed on Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download Taskbar Classic Start Menu [3.24 MB]